About Us

Real Estate is probably the single most important and largest investment you make, thus it’s important that you choose your agent well.  Choosing your agent should be no different than choosing your Doctor, your Lawyer, or your Master Craftsman; being your Realtor® carries no less of an important responsibility.  There are over 12,000 licensed agents in the Greater Vancouver area. As such, you are never short of selection. We believe that you should interview a number of Realtors® to determine who best suits your needs. We also believe that given the opportunity, Dan and I will represent you as the aforementioned professionals.


Lets face it, the world has evolved in a Global Village, Vancouver is even more so than most other places.  With our climate, Vancouver has become one of the most sought after places to live in the world.  Vancouver has been ranked as one fo the best places to live bu the United Nation every year for over 20 years.  With the unique




We feel that being your Realtor® goes beyond just   buying or selling your home. Being your Realtor® is a life-long relationship that must be cultivated, nurtured and maintained with mutual respect.  Wealso strive to give you the best legal representation possible. Furthermore, we believe that, as your Realtors, we will only have all the answers by consulting and respecting your wishes in order to guide you in the decision making process.    

Our Credo is Commitment, Experience, and Results. Commitment to our clients in the achievement of their goals;experienceto help you realize your goals. And the best possible Results in attaining those goals. We take the responsibilities you’ve entrusted us with seriously.  All we ask is before you make the decision on who will represent you, to grant us an interview. We’re sure you’ll not be disappointed!

Thank you and welcome home!